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Laetitia Mizero Hellerud

Seeker, teacher, learner, social justice activist, and strong advocate for community involvement, service, and inclusion, Laetitia uses her life and work experiences to make connections with others, no matter where they come from. She hopes to help others find similarities between one another no matter their life story or background.


ubuntu Consulting

UBUNTU consulting provides uniquely tailored educational services in areas of diversity, refugee, inclusion, and immigrant issues. Positive change in our world starts with one person—you—and the ripple effect will manifest in your personal life at home and in the community, as well as in your professional circles of influence.

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Being at home in the world 

New Release! Laetitia's new book Being At Home In The World is a strong and impactful story of her struggles fleeing from several countries. Her journey to find peace and a home have developed her outstanding outlook on life that she hopes to pass on to anyone, regardless of the struggles they may face.

Laetitia Mizero Hellerud 

Laetitia Mizero Hellerud 


Being At Home In The World is an opportunity for conversation. It is a means for change. Living life with understanding for others and using our experiences to shape us into better world citizens is crucial. When will you start the conversation about sparking change?  


"Lead your own life with confidence."

Leadership is not just for those in the public eye. Every day, you have an opportunity to lead and to be who you want to be—and to choose the life you want to live, no matter what your circumstances are. Before you can make good decisions, you need to know what’s important to you. You must experience the outcomes resulting from your decisions before you can understand that you control your own happiness.

As a four-time refugee, change and adaptation has become a way of life for Laetitia Mizero Hellerud. Having to adapt to this way of thinking since childhood, she learned to rely on her own decisions and, at the same time, accept the love and help of others to survive. In Being at Home in the World, Laetitia shares what she has learned about adaptation—about finding your home—in the midst of chaos and struggle. It starts with an open mind and an open heart.

The “refugee stories” you may hear on social media or on broadcast channels are typical stories, often leaving out the heartbreaking, unique stories of the atrocities these people have actually faced. And yet refugees are not so different from those of us who haven’t been forced to leave our native homes. We all make decisions about the direction our lives will take for different reasons and accept the leadership demands our lives place on us; we all share a vision of leading a life in safety and creating a better life for those we love.


Praise for Being at home in the world


Laetitia's story is one that must be told...

“Laetitia’s story is one that must be told, and the world will be better for reading and listening to it. It is a story not about being a refugee, but about being a human being confronted by and meeting the horrible losses and difficulties that life can throw at you . . . and at anyone. You will come to love this classy, articulate, and thoughtful person and be grateful that you have been immersed in her wonderful sense of strength and victory.”

—Barry Nelson, former director, New American Services; former board chair and current organizer, North Dakota Human Rights Coalition; and member, Fargo Human Relations Commission

Laetitia Mizero Hellerud's story is a reminder...

“The first time I met Laetitia Mizero Hellerud, she was in an audience of many people to whom I was delivering a keynote address. In fact, I didn’t even really meet her that day—it was only later after receiving a handwritten note requesting a coffee date that I became acquainted with this amazing soul.

It was then I saw—in person—her amazing spirit. Over the next few months we continued to meet, and Laetitia ended up joining a mastermind group I facilitate, in which we studied the principles of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Laetitia Mizero Hellerud’s story is a reminder to never take your relationship with God for granted simply because your path has been easier. If she can choose joy in spite of the circumstances she has faced, there is no reason in the world I should choose anything less in my life, no matter what shows up to distract me. Unless and until you get to know Laetitia in person, you will have to trust those of us who do to assure you it is a gift to know her. You will come to understand your own life circumstances and your own spiritual journey with greater depth and appreciation, thanks to her words.”

—Jodee Bock, founder of Bock’s Office Transformational Consulting; partner, Masterworks; author of the Own Your Story series and coauthor of Don’t Miss Your Boat and Inviting Dialogue

Her insights on culture and community help us to understand...

“Laetitia Mizero Hellerud’s journey from Burundi is a remarkable account of resilience. Her insights on culture and community help us to understand how a refugee integrates into the United States and create opportunities for other refugees to do the same.”

—Linda Hartke, President and CEO, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

Turning Points

Overcoming Adversity

Life doesn’t come with a manual that you can absorb and simply apply. Most of us have had to go through many trials and mistakes before finding our way to something better. The stories in this book consistently highlight how a mindset of resilience can be used to overcome hardships. These true stories offer proof that you can move through and beyond pain with grace and character.

Others have shared your pain and you can find help through faith, community, and introspection. These stories reflect the idea that challenges teach valuable lessons. Grief and pain can bring perspective, confidence, and empathy. Peace can come in the midst of life’s most unexpected hardships.

While not easy to write, these authors have shared their stories generously and candidly because they understand the importance of encouraging others to be bold, to be brave—to keep fighting when facing adversity. They also recognize that the sharing of wisdom can help to lift others up and away from their pain.

Realizing and acknowledging that you are not alone in your hurt can make it possible to start contemplating and working toward healing.

To those who are brave enough to choose and find ways

to elevate the light instead of being stuck in the darkness.

I commend you.

UBUNTU Consulting

Bridging Cultures & Languages. Connecting People.

When people learn about other cultures, they will see the richness our diverse humanity brings to each of us. Once you realize that we are each an extension of many other multidimensional creations—many of which you enjoy without any coaching or forcing—embracing humanity, as a whole, becomes as effortless as admiring nature.

What is UBUNTU Consulting? 


Through UBUNTU, Laetitia uses her personal life and her 25 years of professional experience to educate new immigrants and mainstream communities on each entity’s role in successful integration. UBUNTU seeks to bridge the gaps between different cultures with knowledge to create trust and harmonious relationships. Laetitia works to combat the lack of information which leads to fear and divisive beliefs between fellow human beings.  


Look at faces, not appearances, and listen to stories

Connection to Humanity gives hope. 


If you see beauty in the diversity of nature, you can also see beauty in the diversity of humanity.

Laetitia is an active member of her surrounding communities in Fargo, catering to refugee support among other social engagements. She enjoys educating and encouraging others to be active in their communities as well. Her life experience lends her the opportunity to help those from all walks of life to relate and understand one another. 

Laetitia Hellerud serves the refugee and mainstream communities around the globe by sharing personal experience, practical support and professional expertise at conferences, schools, universities, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and other groups.

Students actively engaging with Laetitia's message

Testimonials for speaking engagements, visits, and presentations


Dr. Kandace Creel Falcón 

"Laetitia Mizero Hellerud’s presentation to our campus community demonstrated her deft ability to blend the personal and the political. With her sincere passion for social justice, she brings insight, depth, and warmth to her public interactions."  

-Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Minnesota State University Moorhead

Sandi Piatz

“Laetitia is an educational inspiration. Her story and experiences are a wealth of knowledge. She provides great insight, motivation and education every time I hear her speak.”

-Site Leader, Microsoft – Fargo ND